A Sewing Update

11 Feb

Lest you all start to worry that I have sold my sewing machine to pay for all my new clothes, I have been slowly getting my Sew-jo back. It was temporarily interrupted by selling our home and moving into a much smaller condo. I don’t really have a dedicated sewing space anymore so that has made me reevaluate my sewing methods. But I will not be deterred and I have been slowly but steadily making my flat pattern adjustments to the new Sewaholic Granville shirt pattern. So far, I have done my full bust, forward shoulder, short waist, swayback, and uneven shoulder adjustments. Now all I have left to do is trace and cut the pattern pieces that didn’t have to be altered and make a muslin. I am feeling a little brazen and may forego the actual muslin and cut into a real fabric for this test run. The flat pattern adjustments are looking pretty good when I hold them up against my body in the mirror — ha!

I have also solved the dilemma about where to put my sewing machine. If you remember in a prior post, I was debating about what small space sewing solution to use to set up my work area. Well, I didn’t go with any of those options because my grandmother reminded me that I was supposed to take her 1960s Kenmore that is built into a cute little wooden cabinet. I picked up the machine a few weeks ago but knew it wasn’t in working order — I don’t remember my grandmother ever really sewing anything although there are rumors of her sewing prom dresses for my mom and aunt. You can guess how out of shape that machine was! I called my friend and trusty sewing machine doctor, Richard Givens, and he came and picked it up.

When I dropped by his shop today, he showed me pictures of all the work he had to do to get her back in serviceable condition — basically a complete overall with the machine torn totally apart. Almost every gear was locked up. But now that he has worked his magic, she is humming a sweet, sweet song, and I can’t wait to sew that Granville on her. Poor little Janome is going to get so jealous when I stash her in the closet for the time being. But she’ll come back out when the new house is finished. Mr. Givens says sewing machines aren’t manufactured like this Kenmore anymore — all precision metal parts, etc. And that if it were to be manufactured today, it would cost over $1000. Luckily the repairs weren’t quite that much but I can understand why many of us today don’t invest in repairing the things we have (as I could have easily bought a decent cheap machine — like my current Janome — for the cost of the repairs). But I would gladly spend it again to be able to sew dresses for myself on the machine that my grandmother and possibly mother once spent hours in front of creating the frocks of their dreams.

photo 1[1] Here’s a picture of Mr. Givens with my little Kenmore. You can start to get a glimpse of all the sewing machines that were laying around everywhere.

Sewing Machines

He let me snap some more pictures to show you all the different types of machines he works on. I don’t think there is a machine he couldn’t fix. The button machine does nothing but sew on buttons. And it does it in about 2 seconds. How awesome is that?!?

The last really cool bit of news is that I entered my Butterick 6019 bombshell dress into Gertie’s Grand Giveaway and I was selected as a finalist! Now I have to mail my dress off to NYC to be inspected by the judges — yikes! There is only a 20% chance I will win, but if I do, what will I do with 17 bolts of fabric??? We will have a big giveaway here on the blog! Cross your fingers, say your prayers, and send good thoughts my way!

7 Responses to “A Sewing Update”

  1. Lynn February 12, 2015 at 3:39 pm #

    Richard looks so happy to be a celebrity – I’ll have to tell him I saw his picture next time I’m in there! And congrats on the bombshell dress. Can you imagine the next GCGSW if you win 17 bolts of fabric?!

    • Susie Homemaker, MD February 12, 2015 at 3:43 pm #

      Richard is so sweet! He told me you are very diligent about keeping your machines in top working order 🙂

      Thanks re: the dress. I don’t think I could even fit 17 bolts into my car!!!

  2. Judi February 15, 2015 at 12:02 am #

    Having and using your grandmother’s machine is the best solution of all. Mr. Givens looks like a sweetie!!! Good luck with the contest. 17 bolts of fabric. Oh that would be funny. And you have a really good chance of winning because that polka dot dress is gorgeous and perfectly sewn!!!

  3. Bettina February 20, 2015 at 8:45 am #

    It was good seeing you the other day. It made me wonder if you gave up your blog or if I just missed your entries. (I have been super busy with work and Easter orders) But I gladly discovered that neither was true.:) I guess we all get busy spells and can’t do the things we love to do most. Life just gets in the way! Good luck for the contest! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    • Susie Homemaker, MD February 20, 2015 at 11:30 am #

      Hi, Bettina! It was so nice to see you, too! Isn’t if funny how life has a way of doing that? 🙂
      I will definitely keep everyone posted about the contest, good or bad. And I will be back in for some of that gorgeous Liberty once I finish tweaking my shirt pattern.


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