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17 Jan

Hi, friends! I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a little more than a season since I last checked in but I hope you have had other blogs in your reader to keep you entertained. We have had a very busy few months with vacation, selling our home, moving, birth of a niece, the holidays, hospitalizations of grandparents (everyone is doing great now), husband working out of town, all that on top of the usual cold and flu season which is always hectic for a pediatrician.

But life is good and we are excited about all the changes happening. Selling our old house means we get to build a new one. We are living temporarily in a small condo but we are in the heart of our downtown so we are enjoying being close to everything and walking distance to my favorite coffee shop and BBQ joint. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of room for sewing so I have not stitched anything since before the move (pre-Thanksgiving). I am looking at purchasing a Gidget table and setting it up in my bedroom and adapting my sewing habits to be more streamlined and uncluttered.

I have also been reevaluating my wardrobe as I had gotten into a bit of a funk with dressing everyday. Since I had started sewing, I had stopped purchasing as many clothes as I used to thinking I would sew the perfect garment and that perfect garment just never materialized. Sure, I have sewn some things that I really love and am very proud of, but I have not made many daily basics that work well for my usual routines. Plus many of my clothes weren’t fitting right any more because I have been working out. So in my sewing-restricted state, I decided to do a little shopping for myself. First, I visited my favorite online spots, Nordstrom and Anthropologie, and quickly had some packages sent my way. As is usual, many things had to be returned but I ended up with some new colored skinny cords and jeans and a few basic tops and one pretty dress. Nothing that really sang to me, though.

Then, I remembered a friend telling me about Stitch Fix and I started browsing the web for more info and for similar services. Basically, they are services that take your info on size and style likes and dislikes then send you a box of garments and accessories to try on at home. You decide what to keep and what to send back. During the course of my searching, I found two other companies to be viable contenders, although different in some respects. So I signed up for a box from all three to try it out. Worst case scenario, I would only be out $20.


All that said, today I am here to actually tell you about something I sewed (of course back when my sewing machine was still plugged in, pre Turkey Day). I will tell you in upcoming posts about my experiences with the online styling services. This top is my first-ever contribution to Jungle January. I have never been a big animal print fan but this stretch silk charmeuse was cheap at Fabric Mart and I thought it would be perfect for muslining a basic silk shell. And it was.


Enter the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank. The is a perfect canvas for so many things. I was looking for a simple top that could be worn with a skirt or pants and blazer/cardi for work or paired with jeans and a necklace for a more casual look. I also wanted a pattern that would be a good base for embellishment. I started with a straight size medium and only adjusted the pattern by raising the armholes 1/2″. I knew that ultimately I would probably want to do a bust adjustment and add a side dart for a better fit but I wanted to see what the fit was like straight out of the envelope.


This fit was not too bad. There is a little bit of dragging under the bust in the front, but this top is definitely wearable and with the silk having a little lycra in it, it helps. In my next version, I added a 3/4″ FBA and the drag was eliminated and the tank hung evenly front and back.


So friends, to wrap this wordy, overly gushy post up, I hope I will not be such a stranger now that things are starting to settle back down in our life. I hope that you will indulge me if I talk a little bit about ready to wear fashion and a little less about sewing and cooking while we are living in a tiny two-story box. I may even talk a little about home planning and interior design as we get further into that project.

I would love to hear in the comments how your year is starting off and if you have advice on setting up in a tiny sewing space. Have a great weekend!

11 Responses to “Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank | Jungle January”

  1. BeaJay January 17, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    Great top. Love that fabric.

  2. Judi January 18, 2015 at 12:11 am #

    Welcome back! You have lots going on…it’s fun to read your blog!!!

    The Gidget 2 does look nice. A friend of mine is also looking for a sewing table. She wants one that folds up, which the Gidget does, plus the wheels would make it easier for her to put away. I’m wondering about the amount of space on the table to the left of the machine. There seems to be a lot more space to the right, but that’s not where it’s needed. ???

    I bought a 6′ “Lifetime” folding table from Sam’s Club to use in the guest room this winter. It is extremely sturdy…I have both of my machines on it. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

    • Susie Homemaker, MD January 18, 2015 at 7:55 am #

      Hi, Judi! Thank you for your sweet words! I had the same thoughts about the machine position on the Gidget table and wondered since my machine is smaller if I can shift it to the far right of the opening. But I have also considered the plain folding table so I can set up my serger, too. I will have to measure my space to see how large of a table I can fit in it. Hopefully I will decide something soon because the sewing itch is ready to be scratched! 🙂

  3. sewbusylizzy January 18, 2015 at 2:05 am #

    Love the pattern & fabric match – simple can really be best. I kept my sewing machine in the linen cupboard & my supplies in a tub when we lived in a flat. It was a juggle but better than nothing!

    • Susie Homemaker, MD January 18, 2015 at 7:34 am #

      Im glad to hear it can be done. I think once we finally get everything unpacked and put away, I will be more motivated to set up my small creative space. Now just to get motivated to unpack those last few boxes! 🙂

  4. Andrea January 20, 2015 at 4:44 am #

    Susie,when we were residents in our first small home, I kept my sewing machine and supplies in the hallway linen closet. When I wanted to sew, I did so on the dining room table. It was actually nice, because our house was so small, we were all essentially together even if we were doing our own thing. I made my daughter’s nursery curtains on that table, a futon cover, many Halloween costumes and little girl dresses. I just had to clean up when I was done sewing. Now, I am happy I have a sewing room all these years later. Good luck with the house. Will you get a sewing room? The Nielsen tank is a great basic, and stretch silk charmeuse can’t be beat!

    • Susie Homemaker, MD January 20, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

      Hi, Andrea! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I definitely have considered using the dining table but my husband has discouraged that since he knows I will tend not to pick it up.

      I will definitely have a sewing room in the new house and am getting excited about designing the layout. I am planning a post in the future to get some feedback on what works and doesn’t work for others in their sewing spaces.

      Happy sewing!


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