Front Door Fashion | A Sewist’s Review

13 Mar

Hi, friends! I’m back today with another installment in my series of online personal styling service reviews.

I would like to change the pace for a minute and have you close your eyes and think back to the last time you remember really experiencing Christmas with childlike excitement. The last time you struggled to fall asleep and your eyes popped open at 4 AM but you waited until the sun came up to get out of bed because your parents had threatened you. The last time you tore excitedly into your gifts, finally getting to find out what had been waiting for you under the tree.

For me, that was probably my mid teens. Once I got my drivers license, I started doing my own Christmas shopping for my mother. Before you say that sounds awful, we actually preferred it that way. I loved shopping and my mother hated it. My mom and I had very different taste in clothing. I was/am very picky. My mom would still buy some surprises for me but I would get the things that I really wanted and she would wrap them and make me wait until Christmas to open them.

Then I got married and started a career and usually get what I want when I want/need it so Mr. Homemaker and I don’t typically exchange Christmas gifts. Which is fine but a small part of me misses that pure excitement that only wrapped Christmas gifts with your name on them can bring.

Enter Front Door Fashion, a Dallas-based company that provides online and in-the-flesh personal styling services. Simply put, Front Door Fashion is the closest I will come to experiencing that childlike Christmas morning excitement as an adult.

FDF is different from Stitch Fix, which I reviewed here, and I have to admit FDF suits me a lot better. Not that I don’t enjoy Stitch Fix (I have more Fixes to share with you), but FDF can provide the more intensive work that my wardrobe needed.

Back when I was in my wardrobe rut, I was looking for something new. I had already placed orders with two of my favorite online stores but I knew my selections there would be within my comfort zone and my closet needed a little something more — a bit of defibrillation if you will. When I came across Front Door Fashion, I loved the look of their site and enjoyed filling out the style questionnaire.

But I have to admit I was a little worried that I would get a box full of clothes that would be out of my price range, but based on their no upfront risk ordering policy, I went ahead and clicked. And I actually forgot I signed up for the box until I got an email from my stylist asking for a few more details about my style and clothing preferences. And then forgot again until I got the tracking number.

FDF Intro

Then I got excited. And even more excited when I saw the sturdy, fashionable box the UPS man dropped off at my office. I ran home during my lunch break and quickly broke open my present to myself. Folded neatly inside was a black garment bag bursting at the seams. I took a quick assessment of what was inside. My stylist, Morgan, had grouped outfits into different categories based on outfits on my Pinterest page. Each set of garments contained coordinating accessories to compete the looks.

FDF1 Pants

First up, I had asked for some wide leg, pleated slacks. I got two wonderful pairs that were both keepers. The pair on the left is the Trina Turk Saniya Pant ($266) and is a gorgeous white poly crepe with a side zip and full lining. They will have to be nipped in about 1/2″ in the back waist and hemmed a little before I can wear them but overall the fit is divine for a RTW pant — a near priceless find in RTW slacks!

The other pair is the BCBGeneration Pleat Front Pant ($118) and is a machine washable merlot poly. They were very long so I was able to get them hemmed with a cuff added. I love these because of their menswear style.

FDF1 Blouses

Next, I asked for blouses for work and I let Morgan know that I love silk tops. On the left is the Cooper and Ella Jade Embroidered Blouse ($121) in a black poly with cut out detail at the neckline. This top was returned because it was too restrictive in the shoulders.

Cooper and Ella Ava Tie Front Blouse ($124) was a beautiful silk blouse with a great cobalt, navy, and black pattern. Unfortunately, it was also too snug in the shoulders.

Veronica M Rita Dot Top ($58) was a simple poly shell in a cute fabric but was also too snug in the shoulders.

Lavender Brown Boxy Crew Neck Blouse ($123) was made from a gorgeous plum silk with a tad bit of stretch. Also too tight in the shoulders and strangely fit my shoulders better when I put it on backwards. What does that say about my body??

FDF1 Classic White Blouses

Next up are the classic white shirts I asked for. On the left is the Lavender Brown Long Sleeve Hi-Lo Collared Blouse ($178) in a fabulous ivory silk. The fit was off just a little in the shoulders and the price made me a little uneasy. For a lower price I could have lived with the fit issues but I am too close to perfecting my Granville…

On the right is the Nanette Lepore Villa Vella Peplum Top ($115) in a stretch cotton shirting. The fit was great and I love Nanette Lepore so it was a keeper.

FDF1 Knit tops

These tops are my favorites from the box. The one on the left is the Abbie Hi-Lo Peplum Top by Weston ($118). It is a great sturdy textured knit with an awesome cherry blossom design. The peplum has small pleats in the front and back and is lower in back than front. It looks great with jeans or pencil skirts. I get tons of compliments every time I wear this shirt.

On the right is the LA Made Fleur Top ($58), a simple taupe tank with an interesting cowl design feature in the back. I am wearing this as I type.


Next, I asked for a nice knit dress. This Nanette Lepore Superslide Dress ($148) fit the bill perfectly with its modest neckline and flattering princess seams and flared skirt. It is also fully lined making it feel as good as it looks.

FDF1 Accessories

Finally, here are all the accessories Morgan sent in my box. Up top is a cute, lightweight trench coat, the Jack Brydon Trench Coat ($90), that will be a great transitional piece in our temperate climate.

For the accessories, here’s a rundown:

  • Turquoise Medallion Necklace ($44), kept
  • Black and Gold Bib Necklace ($45), kept
  • Elise M Charlize Belt ($40), returned
  • Kendra Scott Andy Bracelet ($50), kept
  • Kendra Scott Jackie Necklace ($140), returned
  • Amber Beaded Layer Necklace ($40), kept
  • Mixed Motif Scarf ($21), kept

I also received two pairs of jeans, Level 99 Tanya High Rise Trouser ($140) and Citizens of Humanity Avedon Ultra Skinny ($178). I didn’t keep either pair and I forgot to snap pictures. Finally, there was a great little Tees By Tina nude camisole ($30) that I kept.

The grand total for this box of goodies was $2205 with 21 awesome items inside. The nice think about FDF is that you don’t actually spend $2205 when you order the box. In fact, you have 5 business days to try on the items with things already in your closet before you decide what you want to keep. Once you return your box, they only charge you for what you keep (in my case, a little less than half after I used a coupon code I had received in a prior order).

Most boxes contain 4 styled looks and range from $1500 to $2300 with a discount for keeping all the items. According to the company, clothing ranges from $100-450 and accessories from $25-300, but I found quite a few items in both of my boxes to fall below this range (yes, I did have a second box — actually before this one).

FDF0 Haul

Original box keepers:

  • Amanda Uprichard fabulous high waist knit pencil skirt ($150)
  • Tees By Tina Paris Dress ($84)
  • Velvet Heart Jamie Shirt ($84)
  • Print Scarf ($21)
  • Sonya Renee Green Pendant Necklace ($70)
  • Green Scarab Cuff Bracelet ($12)
  • Sonya Renee Infinity Cuff Bracelet ($36)
  • Black Knit Infinity Scarf ($22), love this thing!
  • Flat Chain Necklace ($38)
  • Ada Wrap Belt ($77), love this thing, too!
  • Tees By Tina Nude Tank ($38), not shown

Front Door Fashion is a great service for women who don’t have time to shop and who need to update their wardrobe in a major way — new job, upcoming interviews, life change (post-baby, weight loss/gain), etc. It’s also great for women who need some help getting out of their comfort zone and getting a little guidance on styling and accessorizing. My FDF boxes have been great at rekindling my love for dressing every day.

For me as a pediatrician, I think dressing nicely helps convey a message to my patients that taking myself seriously and caring about my presentation means that I will take them seriously and care about their well-being.

FDF Outfits

But the best thing about FDF? Having a real-life stylist who spends actual hands-on time selecting things that will look good on you and be fashionable all while taking your lifestyle and taste into consideration. Basically, someone who can deliver authentic Christmas morning excitement right into your ho-hum adult life 🙂

So, if this sounds like something that would work for you, give it a try and tell them I sent you. I don’t get any compensation but I would love to know that other women could enjoy this service as much as I have. In fact, you can read about my friend Lynn’s experience here. Have you tried any online personal styling services yet? What do you think?

I had previously alluded to trying a third services (which I did — Tog + Porter), but it has not been much to write home about so I will not be doing a separate post about it. If you are looking for true personal styling, Front Door Fashion is the way to go. If you just want to add a few fun new pieces and get a little surprise every month, definitely try Stitch Fix. Hope that helps. Now back to the sewing and cooking!

2 Responses to “Front Door Fashion | A Sewist’s Review”

  1. Lynn March 14, 2015 at 9:44 am #

    LOVE every outfit in your bottom picture! I actually requested an “event/occasion” outfit for Drew’s graduation in my next box (coming within 2 weeks!), and Morgan mentioned sending me a dress to try with the next box, so I’m excited and nervous about that, since I don’t wear too many dresses. I love that knit dress you have. This is definitely more individualized than Stitch Fix, because our outfits are NOTHING alike. Even the accessories were really different, other than the double-wrap black belt. Thanks so much for hooking me up with FDF!

    • Susie Homemaker, MD March 17, 2015 at 8:06 pm #

      Lynn, I can’t wait to see what comes in your next box — especially the dress!! You wear them for Mardi Gras, why not every day???

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