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Sandra Betzina and Vogue 1045

19 May


Alright, I am finally getting around to officially posting about this blouse from my sewing workshop with Sandra Betzina. I know I gave you a sneak peak several weeks ago — I hope you haven’t been beside yourself in suspense ūüėČ

First of all, I would like to say a big “thank you” to my excellent photographer, my wonderful husband of almost ten years, Matthew. He was so sweet and so patient to take multiple shots of me, especially since I hate having my picture taken. We had fun scoping out cool spots in our neat little downtown.



This top was made from Vogue 1045, which is one of Sandra’s designs. I used a Marc Jacobs cotton lawn or voile (maybe someone with more fabric sense can tell me the difference) that I picked up at a wonderful little fabric shop called Promenade on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. Although the pattern did not specify this type of fabric, I did not want to end up with the type of blouse that was depicted on the pattern cover. Sandra helped me modify the front blouse pieces to create a self-lining eventhough this was not called for in the pattern. The extra step made for a very nicely finished inside since there are no visible unfinished seams. I chose to finish the front closure with cute little lavender pearl snaps instead of the large buttons that were called for. I interfaced the placket with a single layer of silk organza but in hindsite, should have used something a little more sturdy as I am a bit afraid to pull the snaps apart.



The tucks at the front and back add nice waist definition and allowed for easy alteration to perfect the fit. Sandra advised me to cut out a size D based on my full bust measurement but I ended up taking the top in quite a bit to achieve my desired fit. If I ever make this pattern again, I will start with a size C all around.



Somehow the back of the blouse ended up a little shorter than the front — this is a pet peeve of mine since I don’t like my waist band or muffin top showing. Next time I will lengthen the entire blouse hem an inch or two. Since Sandra helped me create the self-lining in the front, I didn’t have to hem the front of the blouse — only the back required hemming — and Sandra suggested using a fusible tape instead of the method described in the pattern (a bias strip).



All in all, the class with Sandra was a wonderful experience and I had such a good time hanging out with a room full of women who loved sewing as much as (if not more) than me!

My Month in Review

29 Apr

I know I’ve been a very bad blogging friend¬†this month.¬† I promise I will make it up to you with a really good recipe and sewing pattern review soon.¬† Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been up to, though…

First, I made my niece, Sarah, a Minnie Mouse cake for her 3rd birthday.  I spent every evening for a week making the components of this two-tier vanilla bean cake with strawberry cheesecake filling, vanilla buttercream frosting, and fondant decorations. 

Then, Mr. Homemaker and I went for a¬†sail aboard one of these little ships on a long weekend getaway.¬† We were pretty boring — no late-night dance clubs or theater shows — just relaxing on the deck and catching up on lots of rest.¬† In Cozumel we went scuba diving and saw all sorts of wonderful sea creatures.¬†¬†The most excitement we experienced on the ship happened one afternoon while relaxing by the pool on the 10th deck. ¬†We heard¬†a loud commotion right around the corner from¬†us so I peeked out our little¬†window just in time to see a grown man’s lower body dangling over the edge of the ship.¬† Luckily, other passengers had grabbed the jumper¬†and were pulling him back on board.¬† It was crazy because we had met the man the day before in the elevator and he seemed completely normal.¬† Not sure what happened to him after that but¬†Matt and I speculated that they must have tied him in a straight-jacket and locked him in his cabin…

The next week my grandfather had surgery to repair a slow-growing aneurysm that his doctor had been following for about two years.  He did phenomenally well and is back at home and feeling much better now.

Finally, I¬†got to take a two-day sewing workshop with world-famous sewing guru, Sandra Betzina, at a sewing shop in Mobile.¬† It was recommended that workshop attendees sew one of Sandra’s patterns but I had a hard time¬†choosing one that¬†suited me.¬† Finally, I decided on Vogue 1045¬†but decided to make it less structured and chose a lightweight Marc Jacobs cotton voile for the top and a silky-finished Vera Wang cotton for the skirt.¬† I never got around to the skirt during the class but I did finish the top and will be blogging the pattern review soon.¬†¬†You’re getting a sneak peek of the unfinished top in the photo of me with Sandra, above.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

Marc Jacobs and Vogue 8032

2 Mar

Were y’all wondering where all the sewing projects had gone?¬† I’ve had a few finished but just haven’t had a chance to take pictures and get the details typed up.¬† But here’s one for you.¬†

This is an out of print Vogue pattern (number 8032) for a cute halter top that I thought I would like to have in several different fabrics.¬† I bought the pattern on eBay and made a quick muslin since some folks on patternreview.com had mentioned it fitting funny in the armholes.¬† I got in¬†a hurry and only pin-basted the bodice to the neckband and thought it fit fine —¬†oops.

It ended up gaping in the armholes so I had to take it up with a dart after the fact.  I was really disappointed because I had done such a good job with all my seam finishes and was using a cute Marc Jacobs cotton fabric that I got for only $5 a yard.  In the end, it is wearable and I think I will get plenty of use out of it this summer.

If I make this top again, I will cut a smaller size and do a full bust adjustment to see if that helps with the fitting issues.  Or I may just draft my own pattern from scratch since it is such a simple style.  If you are contemplating making Vogue 8032, definitely make a muslin first.  Aside from the armhole issue, this is a very easy top to sew and could definitely be sewn together in an afternoon.


Stay tuned for more finished sewing projects as well as some of the yummy baked goodies that have been coming out of my kitchen lately (including something for a bachelorette party!!!).  I hope you are having a relaxing weekend!